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Find your customers today

Prospecting. Don’t you just hate it? Most people do. Quite a pity, actually, as prospecting is a crucial stage in the sales process. Extremely challenging, a lot of people will say. And terribly difficult, they will add. Like if it were fighting an evil dragon with several fire-spitting heads. Well, it’s not. At the end of the day, it’s just a dialogue. A simple check whether a service, product or collaboration could be beneficial to the person or group of people you’re addressing. And it’s so rewarding.  Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, after 25 years of...

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Stop messing up your prospection!

  Despite your attempts, still no or few results?   You played the game, participated in lots of sales workshops to get started, you got into it ... and nothing. Stop passing the buck with your marketing team or your trainer ... They have nothing to do with it and neither can you. Swipe it all over with the back of your hand! Well almost... You are just trying to find clients with a loosely strung tennis racket (unlike you: D). It lets slip away all those who pass through its mesh: the good ones, your ideals and the bad ones, those to be avoided. What you are lacking is refining your...

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Prospecting is Golden

La méthode de Moses Manuel, chercheur d’or, adaptée à la prospection OU COMMENT TROUVER VOS PÉPITES ?   Toute sa vie, Moses cherche de l’or aux Etats-Unis, dans le Montana, puis dans l’Arizona, de rivières en rivières, il scrute chaque grain de sable pour flairer la lueur. Il fouille, tâtonne, parcourt le Grand Ouest… puis découvre, en compagnie de son frère et de 3 camarades, en 1876, un des plus riches gisements aurifères de l’Histoire. Précieux vivier, ses yeux radar font de lui un des plus célèbres et riches chercheurs d’or du XIXe.   Des histoires comme...

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Develop your Business !

Do you want to improve the Business Development of your company and increase your customer base? Develop your Business A book for every entrepreneurs, sales director or Start-up who is searching New customers ! A short book, easy to read, who is going straight to the essential. The book is easy to read, fun, non technical, you don't need sales or marketing expertise in order to find new customers today. Find your customers today It goes without saying that companies and organisations need to be profitable. That’s why they are all at some point or another looking for new customers....

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The power of Inside Sales

Sometimes I find it exhausting to keep having to prove the added value of telephone prospecting ... The best salespeople that I have met throughout my career, and who always reach their target, have this same quality: they are continuously prospecting! Yet I keep hearing the same nonsense: Cold Calling is dead, isn't this propaganda spread by sellers who quickly get discouraged ... or shy ...   Inside Sales, a real job!

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Learn continually, there’s always “one more...

One of the most common problems in the Inside Sales job is the lack of training when taking up the job. The manager expects immediate results and the Inside Sales is often found to be poorly trained. Do not panic! With patience and determination, this is a pitfall that you can overcome quickly.   Regularly, managers have busy calendars and they imagine that the few information they provided to you on your arrival will be sufficient. They soon forget their first days. The immediate expectation of results, combined with a lack of information and experience, can very quickly create tension...

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Best response to the objection ‘I HAVE OTHER...

Here is how I answer to this :   Receipt of the objection (said sympathetically) "Of course, I understand very well that you have other priorities! With the recovery, this is completely normal! » You see - we are going in the direction of the objection, this is what relaxes and defuses the tension.   Handling of the objection (said with complicity) "Besides, it is the case for almost everyone to focus on what is a priority to restart the machine. » You see there- relative things, which relaxes even more and restores openness.   Soft return to your target (said...

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Post CoVid Prospecting Tips

With social and physical distancing, Business Development campaigns change. How to develop your client portfolio remotely?   Here are some tips to apply! + Continue to capture contacts via your website and blog + Listen and adapt your message to your prospects + Understand the difficulties encountered by your leads during this period + Plan your prospecting time each day + Continue the discussion using video conference tools + Request testimonials from satisfied customers  + And call!   Activity so dreaded but essential to develop your contacts So, put on your mask and go!

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De 4 essentiële kwaliteiten van Inside Sales

Een succesvolle campagne van Business Development is het hoofddoel van elke verkoper. En om succes te bereiken, is er geen geheim: werk, werk en meer werk ... En als u er daarnaast de vier kwaliteiten aan toevoegt die ik u zal presenteren, kunt u de top bereiken. Wees nederig Nederigheid is ongetwijfeld de belangrijkste kwaliteit die u als Inside Sales moet ontwikkelen. Wat uw talent of de snelheid van uw beklimming ook is, het is belangrijk om bescheiden te blijven en uzelf constant in vraag te stellen. Het succes van de ene prospectiecampagne betekent niet automatisch het succes van...

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Writing a sales script for a prospecting campaign

The success rate of your phone marketing campaign depends on the design of your script. For any cold calling campaign, a script ensures you do not forget anything at the heart of the discussion. It guides you through the exchange and helps you convey arguments and proven solutions that allow your prospect to understand the reason for your call and the solutions that you offer.  Here are 4 tips: Introducing yourself is essential, it's the mandatory step. Be brief, introduce yourself, your company, and the reason for your call, stay concise. Get right to the goal quickly. Do not create a...

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Cold Calling is not dead !

Mon sang ne fait qu'un tour à chaque fois que j'entends cette phrase : Mais enfin Valeska, tu n'y penses pas, pourquoi donner des formations de prospection alors que le cold calling est mort ! Je ne sais pas pourquoi, cette remarque fait toujours grimper ma température ! Elle reflète tellement bien les idées totalement fausses sur cette expression et le métier d'Inside Sales. Et il faut avouer que beaucoup d’entreprises qui prétendent que le cold calling ne fonctionne pas ne le font pas correctement. Ma réponse est invariable : qu'entends tu par Cold Calling ? Alors oui, le cold...

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How do you increase Lead Generation results ?

Passionate about Lead Generation B2B and B2C for 25 years, I am still surprised that not everyone understands the same definition about Lead Generation. What is Lead Generation? (also called LeadGen) Lead Generation is a marketing-sales process that stimulates and captures interest in a product or service with the purpose of developing a sales revenue. The buying process has changed, and traders need to find new ways to reach buyers and be heard through the noise. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising, emailing, and the usual marketing campaigns, companies now need to focus...

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10 façons d'améliorer votre prospection

La prospection commerciale ! Cette action importante du processus de vente reste un moyen performant de générer des leads, elle est rentable, puissante et s'inscrit dans toute campagne de prospection B2B. Comment améliorer votre campagne de prospection? Le succès de la prospection dépend du travail que vous avez accompli avant de décrocher le téléphone. Plus vous planifiez, préparez, plus vous avez de chances de réussir votre campagne. 1 - Définir une stratégie Vous devez planifier votre campagne. Qui va passer les appels? Ont-ils les compétences nécessaires? Quel est le...

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