Lead Generation / Nurturing : Analysis of your situation

How to generate more leads and help your salespeople?

Knowing how to generate leads and motivating a sales team for prospecting is not always easy. That's why I offer you my help as an expert business developer to analyse the commercial situation of your company and offer you a targeted marketing program to increase your customer base.

Analysis of your business situation

I offer my help to analyse the situation of the commercial development of your company and answer the questions listed below. I also accompany you in all aspects related to lead generation.

I set up programs to train your salespeople to strengthen the relationship with potential leads or leads who are ready yet for a sales action, this is called lead nurturing.

Analysis of your business situation

I guide you in developing a follow-up plan representing the shopping journey of a customer, in this case we speak of funnel leads and lead life cycle.

All these actions aim to provide the best advice to your sales teams and to make them perform better while keeping them motivated.

What are the right questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is responsible for lead generation and business development in your company?
  • What is your situation with your telemarketing campaigns?
  • Do you do prospecting?
  • Do you have an internal team that generates leads through a cold calling campaign?
  • When the marketing department generates leads, who conducts the lead nurturing?
  • Have you implemented procedures such as funnel leads or lead life cycles?
  • Are your sales people involved in business development or is it subcontracted?
  • Do you generate enough leads to balance your sales pipeline?
  • What are your outbound marketing actions?
  • Who qualifies leads in your company?
  • How do you write your lead generation campaigns and what segmentations do you do?

Make use of my services to answer all these questions and to advise and / or guide your sales teams.

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

I can help you and advise you on ways that will allow you to increase the number of leads. Whether with a complete diagnosis of your lead generation system or by helping you with one-day or two-day training sessions on how prospecting works.

Understand the business development plan to put in place for your solutions, coordinate your marketing and sales teams to follow the leads optimally, automate the lead nurturing, set up a system to increase your number of leads, ... all these points are part of my skills. Do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone for more information.

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