All the techniques, methods and keys to overcome your sales and lead generation challenges

Our corporate sales experts will guide you on the road to success with business development training and in-depth analyses of your sales strategy. Boost your organisation’s growth with advice from experienced professionals and a business development strategy tailored to your objectives!

Proven prospecting techniques

Proven prospecting techniques

The main strength of our business development diagnostics and training company in Belgium is our 25 years of experience with both new start-ups and large international organisations. This hybrid experience has given us in-depth knowledge of all types of company to help improve marketing and sales strategies. Using proven techniques and processes, we help you develop your sales culture and achieve your goals.

sales strategies. Using proven techniques and processes, we help you develop your sales culture and achieve your goals.

By calling on the services of VLC Consulting, whether for business development training or for a commercial diagnostic in Belgium, you will benefit from a personalised accompaniment in three steps:

  1. An initial meeting to analyse the commercial situation of your company
  2. The delivery of a complete and detailed report
  3. Strategy and marketing suggestions to increase the number of customers and sales

Our analysis will allow you to adopt a concrete strategy for finding new prospects quickly. This is an essential step for any entrepreneur or company director whose objective is the sustainability and development of their organisation.

An accurate business development strategy

We offer a commercial diagnostic of your situation and visibility in Belgium, whether you are self-employed, the head of an SME or the director of a large company. We can then help you adopt the commercial strategy best suited to your organisation, its unique situation and its objectives.

Sales prospecting made easy with VLC Consulting

Sales prospecting made easy with VLC Consulting

We support your sales team and train them in new techniques and processes to significantly improve their performance and prospecting methods. Our objective is to help them integrate new sales techniques while maintaining their motivation and energy.

Our training courses take place over one or two days, either in our premises or directly at your company. Or, if you prefer, we can also organise these courses online.

All there is to know about prospecting methods in Belgium

Discover our book Find Your Customers Today, an essential resource for any entrepreneur who wants to improve their commercial strategy and increase their customer portfolio. You’ll find a wealth of practical advice and ingenious techniques to rethink your marketing, and achieve all your sales objectives. You can also deepen your knowledge with our business development training courses.

Head in the right direction with a good business development strategy

Sometimes considered boring, the development of an effective business strategy is essential to acquiring a stable and long-lasting customer portfolio. That’s why our experts in business development methods in Belgium will accompany you every step of the way:

  • creating a bespoke business development strategy using the right processes and techniques
  • sourcing new, suitable prospects (lead generation)
  • finding customers quickly
  • managing your customer portfolio, and retaining and consolidating relationships (lead nurturing)

Discover all our services and expertise to significantly and quickly improve your company’s prospecting methods in Belgium. Contact us now for more information on our business development diagnostics and training!

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