Field coaching: Prospection monitoring

Regular monitoring of prospecting campaigns throughout Belgium

Once your business development diagnosis is carried out, your marketing action plans put in place as well as your prospection work methods, it is necessary to make sure that your salesmen remain motivated over time. That's why I propose to monitor prospecting all over Belgium.

Follow-up of the establishing of your prospection - Field Coaching

Keep your lead hunting salesmen! Despite having understood the advantage and the benefit of organizing and conducting a well thought out, editable and stable prospection; this function is unfortunately too often neglected because it is seen as unpleasant, time-consuming and discouraging.

However, it is thanks to this commercial technique that your company will be able to gain ground and climb the stairs of success. This is an important step that requires a good follow-up in order to stay competent and keep abreast of the latest prospecting and marketing methods.

Regular monitoring of prospecting campaigns throughout Belgium

A method that aims to ensure your prospection in the long term

Often the sales teams are busy with the management of existing customers, current requests and prefer to postpone the prospection of future customers, a task unloved by sales representatives.

I therefore suggest also to carry out with your teams a regular follow-up of the establishing of prospection.

We will review together:

  • Current strategy and prospecting techniques put in place
  • Obtained results
  • Time spent on lead generation
  • The quality of the used scripts
  • How to improve the established process?
  • The planning system
  • What are the steps to turn leads into customers?

It is also absolutely necessary to avoid wasting time on leads with low potential and not hesitate to disqualify some leads.

This follow-up helps to recall the basics of prospecting and motivate sales teams to continue these cold calling campaigns on a regular basis to see the real impact on the company's turnover.

This follow-up is a maintenance of received trainings, whether it is a one-day or two-days training, it acts as a reminder to motivate the teams to continue active prospection.

Need a new diagnosis of lead nurturing or more explanation on the lead generation? Contact me by email or phone, I will be happy to inform you.

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