Prospection training (2 days)

Two-day training in business development and prospection

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of prospecting and improve your business development techniques to get your pipeline off the ground? I propose a training in commercial prospection spread over two days. I travel anywhere in Belgium or receive you in my office in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Prospecting Training - Full Version - 2 Days

The complete 2-day training allows you to practice through concrete exercises prospecting campaigns to set up within your company. We will look at your products, your solution and your services. Understand the benefits from planning and conduct a targeted, impactful, repeatable and sustainable prospection. This activity is often considered boring, time-consuming and distressing as it is an absolutely necessary task for any salesman who wants to reach his targets.

This training includes all the points mentioned in the one-day Prospecting Training, as well as many additional points, such as workshops.

Two-day training in business development and prospection

I train you professionally in your offices and move to everywhere in Belgium. These prospecting and business development courses can also be given in our offices based in Louvain-la-Neuve.

I propose two days with a very complete curriculum including in addition the following courses:

  • How to generate leads?
  • How to implement an effective lead generation plan?
  • How to communicate with your leads?
  • How to write a prospecting script for your products?
  • How to select your audience?
  • Workshop and practical exercises

From the segmentation of the database, to the pipeline, we will see the whole circuit of lead generation.

Transformer vos vendeurs en chasseurs de prospects

I put my professional experience at your service to help you discover the methods and strategic tips in the field of prospecting. This training will teach you or your team how to pass the gatekeeper and make an ally, make an appointment, handle objections, analyse the needs of the lead, present solutions and be relevant, select the database to prospect, write a cold calling script, how long to plan to perform lead generation, what success story to present to be more impactful when prospecting.

You will learn to prepare a database, regardless of the source, Sales Force, Computer profile, DTB, .... You will be asked to identify the profile of new targets with relevance, to segment, to use LinkedIn to find leads.

This training will allow you to know how to support marketing departments that deliver leads to sales teams through their many actions and see them wither on the corner of the office sales or account managers.

You will help your salespeople to enhance their prospecting time by putting priorities on the lead generation performed by marketers and plan an essential follow-up by sending confirmation emails, tracking the call and planning of the next steps.

Would you like to enrol in this two-day training or is the one-day training just enough? I invite you to contact me by email or phone.

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