Prospection training (1 day)

One day training in commercial prospecting in Belgium

Start-up or big company, benefit from a training day in your establishment or on our premises. I offer your sales teams the best prospecting techniques to enable them to perform better. I travel everywhere in Belgium or welcome you in our offices in Louvain-la-Neuve in Walloon Brabant.

Prospecting Training - Condensed Version - 1 day

Specialized in the B2B sector, I offer my training services in commercial prospecting throughout Belgium. I organize one-day working groups at your premises (regardless of location) to provide advice and train your sales agents for prospecting. You can also, if you wish, come to our offices based in Louvain-la-Neuve.

This day includes a very concentrated course to explain the best techniques of prospecting and business development.

One day training in commercial prospecting in Belgium

A training day to:

  • Help commercial or business developers to prospect more effectively
  • Motivate sales teams to follow leads generated by marketing
  • Guide salespeople to new ways to generate leads
  • Increase your lead base and show an ever-higher turnover

Commercial prospecting training to be more effective

This day of training in commercial prospecting aims to teach beginning salespersons the basics of prospecting or to motivate your sales agents working in your company for several years.

During this training day, the following points will be studied:

  • Learn to pass the gatekeeper
  • Make appointments
  • Deal with objections
  • Listen to your audience
  • Analyse the needs of the leads
  • Present your solutions and be relevant
  • Select the database to prospect
  • Write a cold calling script,
  • How long to plan for lead generation
  • Which success story to be selected to be more impactful when prospecting
  • Schedule a follow-up

Learn how to plan and ensure complete follow-up

I will also advise you in the preparation of the database, whatever the source (Sales Force, Computer profile, DTB, ...) and will help you identify the new targets with relevance. I accompany you to segment your data and teach you how to use LinkedIn to find potential customers.

You will learn how to value your prospecting time by putting priorities on the lead generation performed by expert marketeers and plan the follow-up of your leads through sending confirmation emails, follow-up calls and planning following steps.

I invite you to contact me if you wish to have a diagnosis of the situation of your business in business development and participate in a day, or even two days of training in commercial prospection. I am available everywhere in Belgium.

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