Book Find your Customers Today

Find your Customers Today !

A book for every entrepreneur who is searching New customers, a must have for each beginner in Business Development : To whom I address my prospecting campaigns?

This book is short, easy to read, straight to the essential for each freelance-start-up, sales director... searching new customers in 2021!

A book adapted to rushed entrepreneurs that need practical advices in order to find new customers today, no blabla, only the essential.

Book Find your Customers Today

Presentation author

With 25 years of experience in sales and marketing as a passionate entrepreneur, business developer, growth and lead generation expert, trainer and speaker, Valeska Lefranc truly knows the ropes. Passionate about prospecting and helping entrepreneurs, companies of all types and sizes to grow their sales and develop their business, she is happy to pass on her seasoned know-how with this first book in a series of many.

Find your customers today

It goes without saying that companies and organisations need to be profitable. That’s why they are all at some point or another looking for new customers. This book will teach you how to simply spot such prospects, right, left and centre. Thanks to this practical hands-on advice, the art of prospecting becomes attainable for everyone, from the entrepreneur, the manager and the retailer to the freelancer and the head of the sales team, from start-ups to established companies.

Want to rapidly increase your customer base?

Read and proceed.


Since the publication of this book, Valeska Lefranc has been pleased to intervene in business or remotely, to present conferences and round tables, both interesting and always interactive, for marketing managers, business developer, sales and telemarketeer.

Prospecting brings prosperity to every business, every organization.

Business development is an activity accessible to everyone, the entrepreneur, or the head of Start Up. Valeska intervenes in front of all types of audiences, always ready to discuss this fascinating and vital subject for each company. With enthusiasm, she shares her many experiences of Lead Generation.

Face-to-face or remotely, ask us for more information on the various conference topics and round tables in order to match your event.

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